Ostrich Eggs and Stands

Artistically designed, decoupaged, sustainable
ostrich eggs and stands. Pieces of art and
decor for collectors.

An exquisite range of decoupage ostrich eggs mounted on hand-cast, moulded and painted stands – true collectors’ items for lovers of wildlife and Africa!

Our production process

In 2018, after 20 successful years in the curio business, Gala Star purchased the largest producer of decoupage ostrich eggs in Southern Africa and has subsequently improved the finish quality and crafting process. We updated the range by adding a number of new designs to the original catalogue of over 300 pieces. We support conserving the population of these beautiful birds in a sustainable way. We are committed to using only real ostrich eggs which are ethically farmed, and avoid using manufactured egg replicas. Our range includes over 350 unique designs grouped into themes including animal, oceanic, flower, mythical, holiday season and African tribal themes, and even eggs based on Nelson Mandela! We are also able to create custom designs or specific branding for our customers.

Premium African Collection

We offer a range of beautifully decorated Ostrich Eggs. These stunning hand-painted / decoupage Ostrich Eggs are manufactured from authentic Karoo Ostrich Eggs that have been sustainably sourced.

The decoupage process strengthens the eggs to the extent that they can withstand up to 120kgs of vertical pressure. Our decorative eggs are then matched with a spectacular polystone base that is hand cast and then hand-painted to match the splendor of the painted eggs.


Egg Stands and Candle Holders

Our range of stands are perfect complements to our ostrich eggs, or perfect for holding large, round base candles. All of our stands are hand- designed, then cast and moulded from highly durable polystone before being hand-painted.

Our range can be purchased with or without an egg and include animal figures (lion, cheetah, giraffe, elephant, rhino, Big 5 etc) either on a dark or light base and also in gold colouring; Bushmen holding up the egg or candle; a 3 tusks design, and a bust of Nelson Mandela.

Flower Theme
Ostrich Eggs

Flowers are nature’s most perfect piece of art and design, and our range of flower themed images are a shoppers’ favourite. The scenes and designs include over 70 different flowers in a range of colours and designs that will suit a variety of decor tastes.

African Tribal
Theme Ostrich Eggs

Our love for Africa shines through in our tribal scenes and designs, including a few notable designs depicting King Shaka Zulu and beautiful African women, amongst others. While this range is smaller than our animal themed range, it is just as beautiful!

Animal Theme
Ostrich Eggs

The animal designs can be grouped into African wildlife (including the Big 5 ranges), horses, dogs, cats, and wolves. The African wildlife designs depict animals that can be seen on safari, including lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo, zebra, buck such as kudu and gemsbok, warthog and much more.

Mythical and Holiday
Theme Ostrich Eggs

Our mythical range of designs include a range of scenes themed around fairies, mermaids, unicorns. Holiday themed designs include Valentine’s Day and Christmas themed designs.

Oceanic Theme
Ostrich Eggs

We have a beautiful range of oceanic themed ostrich eggs depicting fish, dolphins, penguins, ships and ocean scenes that are growing into some of our best sellers, particularly at aquarium gift shops. These gorgeous and tranquil ocean scenes are perfect for both homes and offices.

Religious Theme
Ostrich Eggs

From the original catalogue that Gala Star purchased with the Egg Division, this range includes designs inspired by the Christian faith, including depictions of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and heaven’s angels.

Why become a reseller for Kumbula Mouldings?


As the largest producer of hand-made chess sets in Africa, we know a thing or two about producing beautiful, high-quality products. We currently sell products to over 1 000 retailers globally.


We have extensive experience in international shipping and realise that it can be tricky - that’s why we assume risk on your behalf. If products arrive damaged, we will replace them entirely.


Our products have been best-sellers since our inception in 1994 and are loved by customers worldwide. We advise and work closely with our retail partners and resellers to ensure they maximise sales.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

At Kumbula Mouldings, we have developed a proven track record with a variety of customers including retail shops,
corporate gifts companies online retail stores over the last 25 years. Our success is due to the following four pillars:

Excellent Service

Our customers come first! We believe in great communication, taking responsibility, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We strive to improve continuously.

Uplifting rural communities

We empower our local team of African artisans and staff by providing them with an income and skills training so that they may build a better life for themselves and their families.

Beautiful Designs

Our products are all hand-designed and hand-crafted by talented artists in Africa. To produce them takes hours of staff training, all of whom who take great pride in their work.


Quality Production

Our products are hand-cast using polystone and hand-painted in exquisite detail. Our quality control processes are essential to our continued customer satisfaction and ongoing success.


Some of our clients include