Themed chess sets

Beautiful hand-painted, premium themed chess sets.

For more than 25 years, we have produced a range of themed chess sets for both retail and corporate customers worldwide. Our range of 14 chess sets accommodates a variety of tastes and budgetary needs, consistently generating sales and producing satisfied customers.

Our production process

Our high-quality polystone chess pieces are designed and hand-sculpted by our team of talented South African artists, then hand-cast and intricately painted using Windsor and Newton oil paints. The highly durable wooden boards are hand-cut and treated, encased in hand-designed moulded polystone frames. Each set takes approximately 9 hours to produce. Pieces are kept safe in their own compartments inside a foam holder. The board is wrapped in bubble wrap to absorb any jolting that occurs during shipping. The entire set is placed in a sturdy double-walled cardboard container, filled with polystyrene packing pieces to protect it while in transit.

Animal Chess Sets

African Animal Chess Set Big Five Bust

This beautifully designed chess set showcases busts of Africa’s Big 5 animals and has been our top seller for the last 25 years. It boasts incredible detail, giving it an authentic African character and atmosphere.

African Animal Chess
Set – Full Body

Our full-body animal chess set features hand-made African animals set on a bi-colour polystone base. Intricate detail on the wooden chess board enhances the premium look and feel of this set. 

Fat Five & Friends Animal Chess Set

This chess set builds on the African animal theme with an adorable comical twist. The Fat Five and Friends is a mid-price range chess set which has become a favourite with shoppers over the years. 

Mini African Animal
Chess Set

This is our smallest and most affordable chess set. You can choose between buying the full chess set (including pieces and board) or purchase the board and chess pieces separately

Mini African
Bird Chess Set

This small, budget-friendly African bird chess set is perfect for bird lovers. Its theme and size means it generates a high volume of sales from which a wide variety of shops will benefit.

Mini Australian Animal Chess Set

This mini chess set features Australian animal designs. It is great for shops with limited floor space as it takes up minimal room, but due to its portability and low cost, it tends to be a high-volume seller.

People & Standard Chess Sets

African Tribal Chess Set Zulu vs Ndebele

This beautiful chess set is our first African tribal set, designed in 1994, and has been a top seller since. Based on the indigenous South African Ndebele and Zulu tribes, it reflects their rich culture and heritage.

African Tribal Chess Set
Zulu vs Xhosa

This chess set follows on from the success we have had with our Ndebele vs Zulu chess sets. Based on the local Zulu and Xhosa tribes, it showcases their dazzling traditional dress and culture.

African General
Tribal Chess Set

This general tribal chess set captures the beautiful colours and life of the African people as a whole, with the design focused less on realism and more on energy and movement.

Bushmen Khoisan
Chess Set

The Khoisan have mastered the art of surviving in some of the harshest conditions on earth. This incredibly detailed set chronicles their unique lifestyle and has been one of our best sellers in recent years.

Mini Tribal Chess
Set Colour

This is our smallest and most affordable tribal chess set, designed for smaller display areas and lower budget shoppers. The vibrant hues of the pieces makes this one of our most eye-catching sets.

Mini Tribal Chess
Set Earthy

This stunning miniature chess set in earthy design features members of two of South Africa’s largest and oldest tribes – the Zulu and the Xhosa tribes – pitted against one another on a small scale.

South African Political Chess Set

Designed to commemorate the historic battle between the old South African Apartheid government and freedom fighters, this beautifully crafted chess set features prominent political figures such as Nelson Mandela, FW De Klerk and Desmond Tutu.

Standard Staunton
Chess Set

If you are looking for something more demure, our Staunton chess set is the ideal choice. Produced to meet our standards and designed with quality in mind, this set is a notch above the other run-of-the-mill sets you will find on the market.

Why become a reseller for Kumbula Mouldings?


As the largest producer of hand-made chess sets in Africa, we know a thing or two about producing beautiful, high-quality products. We currently sell products to over 1 000 retailers globally.


We have extensive experience in international shipping and realise that it can be tricky - that’s why we assume risk on your behalf. If products arrive damaged, we will replace them entirely.


Our products have been best-sellers since our inception in 1994 and are loved by customers worldwide. We advise and work closely with our retail partners and resellers to ensure they maximise sales.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

At Kumbula Mouldings, we have developed a proven track record with a variety of customers including retail shops,
corporate gifts companies online retail stores over the last 25 years. Our success is due to the following four pillars:

Excellent Service

Our customers come first! We believe in great communication, taking responsibility, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We strive to improve continuously.

Uplifting rural communities

We empower our local team of African artisans and staff by providing them with an income and skills training so that they may build a better life for themselves and their families.

Beautiful Designs

Our products are all hand-designed and hand-crafted by talented artists in Africa. To produce them takes hours of staff training, all of whom who take great pride in their work.


Quality Production

Our products are hand-cast using polystone and hand-painted in exquisite detail. Our quality control processes are essential to our continued customer satisfaction and ongoing success.


Some of our clients include