Gifts and Decor

Beautiful, affordable hand-painted gifts and decor
range for high-volume sales with less display space.

Many of our retail customers have limited display space, and therefore our range of smaller themed gifts and décor are perfect items that still ensure high volume sales despite their reduced size.

Our production process

While our range is already extensive, we can brand and customise products at our clients’ request! Our smaller range includes bottle stoppers, coasters, keyrings, salt and pepper sets, and wall hangings. All items are designed, hand-cast and intricately painted by our team of talented South African artists. Themes include animals (the Big 5, otters, zebras, cheetahs etc), African tribes (Zulu, Ndebele, Xhosa and Khoisan), oceanic (whales, dolphins and penguins), birds (loeries, kingfishers and more), and Nelson Mandela. This range of gifts and decor has become an essential component of all of our retail customers’ product range – these unique, hand-made smaller gifts and décor pieces are incredibly popular and will guarantee you continued sales!

Animal Bottlestoppers

These beautifully and masterfully designed bottle stoppers make for the perfect gift! Each item is completely hand-made, meaning each is unique and special. Choose from a buffalo, elephant, hippo, leopard, lion, rhino, warthog or zebra.

Tribal Bottlestoppers

Delight in these lovely depictions of children from South African tribes. Each is made by hand, artfully capturing the vibrancy of South African cultures. There are 8 figure positions from which to choose, and a range of different colours of clothing.

Animal Coasters

Our animal coasters come in two designs: a round, thick coaster painted to depict either the Big 5 or animal footprints, or our ‘Love Africa’ coaster which is a thin square available in both brown and grey. All coasters come in a set of 6.

Tribal Coasters

These round, thick coasters are inspired by the Khoisan (previously known as ‘Bushmen’) tribe of Southern Africa. These coasters are designed, hand-cast in polystone, and carefully hand-painted by our talented in-house South African artists

Nelson Mandela Coasters

Our Mandela coasters capture Madiba’s resilient spirit and character in their design. These thick, round coasters are hand-cast from polystone and hand-painted. They are manufactured under license with a portion of proceeds going to the Mandela School Library Poject and literacy program.

Location Branded Coasters

We have a range of location-specific coasters which we have designed specially for our clients who specialise in selling curios related to the location in which they are situated. We can tailor our coasters or design brand new themes based on what your shoppers want!

Animal Keyrings

We have a range of over 16 animal-themed keyrings including baby animals, the majestic Big 5, a tusk design, and a selection of other animals including cheetah, meerkat, hippo, monkey, warthog and more!

Tribal Keyrings

Our African tribal-themed keyring range boasts depictions of members of various tribes including the Herero, Ndebele, Xhosa, Zulu and Xhoisan tribes. Archetypes include chiefs, matrons, maidens and children. A beautiful gift for lovers of African cultures.

Nelson Mandela Keyrings

Our Mandela keyrings feature a bust of Madiba, father of the new South Africa. The design is available in a variety of patterns of his iconic shirt. These keyrings are manufactured under license with a portion of proceeds going to the Mandela School Library project and Literacy program.

Why become a reseller for Kumbula Mouldings?


As the largest producer of hand-made chess sets in Africa, we know a thing or two about producing beautiful, high-quality products. We currently sell products to over 1 000 retailers globally.


We have extensive experience in international shipping and realise that it can be tricky - that’s why we assume risk on your behalf. If products arrive damaged, we will replace them entirely.


Our products have been best-sellers since our inception in 1994 and are loved by customers worldwide. We advise and work closely with our retail partners and resellers to ensure they maximise sales.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

At Kumbula Mouldings, we have developed a proven track record with a variety of customers including retail shops,
corporate gifts companies online retail stores over the last 25 years. Our success is due to the following four pillars:

Excellent Service

Our customers come first! We believe in great communication, taking responsibility, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We strive to improve continuously.

Uplifting rural communities

We empower our local team of African artisans and staff by providing them with an income and skills training so that they may build a better life for themselves and their families.

Beautiful Designs

Our products are all hand-designed and hand-crafted by talented artists in Africa. To produce them takes hours of staff training, all of whom who take great pride in their work.


Quality Production

Our products are hand-cast using polystone and hand-painted in exquisite detail. Our quality control processes are essential to our continued customer satisfaction and ongoing success.


Some of our clients include